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The Feeling of Prosperity

How do you feel when you think about prosperity?  Do you feel all light headed, relaxed, grounded and free?  This is often the feeling of total balance in one’s life.  Ah..  What could be better?

In order to get to this point there are some things that you will need to experience.  You must get rid of all the things that do no support your prosperity thinking.  When you start to do something…ask yourself this…is this something for my higher good, something that will help to catapult me to the success I am seeking? 

I am seeking success that is for the highest good of all concerned.  In other words your success is tied to your core desires, your values or real goals.   You may ask yourself, Will my decision benefit others as well as my family? 

Deciding your true desires and values is an important first step in attracting your prosperity to you.

I invite your comments and/or questions.

Change And The Universal Law Of Attraction

See the video “How To Make A Million Dollars In One Year” on the previous post. 

Josh Williams has just quit his job.  He is now in the process of starting his own contracting business.

Josh plans to use the law of attraction to create a million dollars in one year.  He plans to write a book about the adventure.  He is recording everything in his blog.

I think this is very interesting.  He is certainly a brave young man as he is telling the world of his plan.  This is a great to keep him accountable to himself.  The whole world is watching.  Do I think that he can do it?  I certainly do!  Why do I say this?  Because Josh believes that he can.  That makes all the difference!

Would you like to begin working toward your first million?

 I welcome your comments/suggestions.

How To Make A Million Dollars In One Year

The New Entrepreneur!

How times have changed!  Becoming a millionaire in today’s world doesn’t have to be  just a dream.  The internet has opened the way for the savy new entrepreneur to make money faster than at any other time in history.

Several surveys in 2004 indicated that there were over 7 million, millionaires in the US.  There has been a great increase in millionaires since 2001.  Many people have become millionaires because of the great appreciation of their homes. Those people who held on to their homes, most likely will have to  wait until the next cycle for the chance at becoming a millionare through real estate.

 The New Entrepreneurs Will be On-line.

 As a new perspective millionaire of today  you will need the right spirit, capital, good product,  a hungry market and a way to let the world know that you have arrived.    Internet access, website and some great marketing and…you’re there…on line offering your products for the world to see.  Your own internet business and you are as close as their browsers 24/7.

What is your magic number for the amount of money that you would like to make this year? Would you like to be a millionaire?  If you came into a million dollars how would spend it? 

Let’s have some fun with this!  Your comments are welcome.