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Have Unforseen Problems Forced You To Start Over In Business?

Many of the changes that have taken place these last few years have been challenging for all of us, and especially for those with small businesses.  Have you closed a business or created a new business in the last six months?  If you answered yes to either of these questions then you will enjoy hearing what I have to share with you about starting a new business.

I have found that it is not so important how many businesses you have had or if you have recently had to close your business.  Unforeseen problems are just that, we don’t expect them and are not usually going to be prepared for them; this includes the economy.

What is important is that you do start over again!  But, this time, do a simple analysis of what you think you could have done differently and move forward, yes move on!  This is very important…do not carry any thoughts of failure or negativity forward.  The end, zip, nada, etc.!

Yes, the most important and exciting thing is that you are starting over!  You may even have decided to change the type of business you will have.  Perhaps you are starting out in business for the first time.   Yippee!!!  Having a business of your own is the most exciting things that can happen outside of winning the lottery, falling in love or having a new baby.  Starting a new business or starting over?  Let me be the first to congratulate you!!

Allow me to pass on a couple of tips that I think are very important and that will save you a lot of time, money and heartache:

1.  Diagram/analyze your proposed business.  Why do you want to be in business?  What will you be selling and why?  Is there a market for what you will offer?  Who is your market?  Who is your competition, and how are they doing?  Where will your business be; how much will it cost to start up and run your business for the first six months?   Why would the customer want to do business with you?  (benefits)

2.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  When you try to do something that no one else has ever done there is a great chance that you may end up sorry, exhausted and broke. Consider improving on what someone else is doing, or redesigning and changing certain elements to fit your style and customer desires.

3.  Take a look around you…who is the person or company doing what you want to do?  I am suggesting that anyone in business needs a mentor.  A person who is doing what you want to do; they have made a bunch of money doing it and are willing to teach you. Hire a mentor.

4. Consider taking your new business to the internet.  The internet is the future and you can save a bundle.  No looking for a space or high rents to pay.  You can actually be in business the same day. If you do not have a product of your own, consider becoming an affiliate and make money selling someone else’s product.

I hope that you have enjoyed these tips for starting over.  In my next post I will be sharing with you the name of my mentor…someone who is successful and “walks the talk.”

To your success!

Be Seen – Create a Video!

My First Challenge – My first video.

Cllck the link above to view my first ever video.

I have now completed my third challenge on The Boundless Living Challenge.  It has been a really great experience for me.   I will be making another video…but I wanted to share my first video with you and talk a bit about starting out in business or recreating your business.  Doing something for the first time is scary!   I know that you are working to get your business going and/or to find more ways to make money on the web.   There are no get rich quick schemes that actually work…No free lunch.  Once we get our brain wrapped around this truth the quicker we can begin making money.

When the economy is slow the first thing we do is get back to the basics.  Cut back and conserve while you get your new strategy for making money in place.  These are not real set backs…just opportunities that allow us to perhaps see how we could have done things differently and/or how we are going to do things differently in the future.   No matter what is happening now…the first thing is to relax…  What are the facts, what are your choices, what are your new plans and how soon are you going to implement them?  It is all pretty clear… this is the time to get creative.  What are you good at doing that you always wanted to try?…now may be the time to check it out.   You never know where a new venture will take you.

We all have our moments of wonder and questions, and the only difference is in what we do about it.  Do you sit and make excuses why not or do you create a plan of action?  The main reason the law of attraction does not work for people is because they never get around to taking the action.

If you need a little something to get you excited as you are revamping your life or planning a new venture, I invite you to join the Boundless Living Challenge group and create a dream for yourself…Just see what happens, you have nothing to loose…Perhaps you will make a video that you can share with your clients, friends, etc.

Wishing you loads of $s and other life blessings.  Check out my first video…I welcome your positive comments.

Bobbi Henderson

Happy New Year $$$$$

Hit the ground running in 2009!  Have you created goals that are heart felt and that create a strong desire in you to make it all happen?  Have you made your plan yet?

Well if you haven’t, just trash those goals!  Nothing will happen and you will be right back where you started by the end of January.  Perhaps before.

Many people do set goals,  goals that come to fruition.  Here is how you can do the same thing.

1.  Set goals to achieve what you want and not what someone else wants for you.

2.  Be specific about your goal…what do you want to accomplish?  When? What will it take?  How will you feel when you have completed the goal?  Are you willing be in it for the long haul??

3.  Is it realistic?  If you don’t really want to quit smoking then quitting smoking is not a realistic goal for you.

4.  Yes, you are going to need to write those goals down.  Then you need to read them at least twice a day…but it is best when you read them first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep as well.

5.  If possible break the goals up into little chunks…if the plan is to open a new business this year you will have many tasks.  The idea is to create a plan…break it up into smaller projects and work your plan and when each little chunk of your plan is completed reward yourself!

6.  Get excited and honor you inner strengths and your ability to make things happen.

7.  Hold yourself accountable!

8.  When you have reached your goal…willing receive complements and give yourself a pat on the back.

According to Doug Verneeran in an article titled “Why People Fail to Achieve Their Goals”  he states that only 20% of the population actually sets goals, but then  70% of those people fail to achieve their goals.  Isn’t that amazing?  Check out Doug’s article at

Have a wonderful year!  I wish you millions.  Say the magic word Millionaire, keep it in your thoughts.  That is one the goals isn’t it?  I like the ring of that word.  M I L L I O N A I R E!  Yes!

Here’s to your successful goal setting!!!   If you have Questions on goal setting email me at

The Matrix of Reality

The Matrix of Reality

A video that tells it all!  Keep an open mind and learn how manifestation really works.


This is an interesting video. Check it out!   Enjoy


Get The Right Mind Set!

If you are planning to become a millionaire you will need to begin to develop the right mindset.

People who are poor or broke often stay that way because they never change their mindset about money, always blaming their financial situation on the government, their unlucky station in life, etc.  If you will notice these same people often finance their debt through the credit cards, never paying them off but continuing to stay stuck in their financial rut.  The way to get rid of your credit card bills is to pay those cards off.

Cut up those cards!  Begin paying more than the regular payment each month.  Eventually you will pay them off.  If you have more than one card…once one of them is paid off start adding that amount to the payment of the next card.  This is a way to pay them off fast.  You can also try to negotiate with the credit card companies to lower the rate.  A lot of the time they will lower it if you have not missed a payment.  If you are having financial problems there are now some government programs that will help you lower the interest rate and get the cards paid off in 3 or 4 years.  It is worth a try.

The idea here is to clean up your act.  Get a new lease on life.  Begin anew with a clean financial slate.  Then you will be ready to set a plan in place to help you accumulate your fortune.

Wishing you millions!

Affirmations For Manifesting

Creating Money Affirmations

Click the above Link.
Are you too lazy to do your affirmations? Well this may just be the answer you have been looking for…just listen and watch this video. Allow the words and the pictures with these affirmations to just flow through you.

Remember basically affirmations are positive words phrases that when repeated over and over tend to influence the subconscious mind to bring about a specific action. It is important to repeat your affirmations with intention and expectation.

Be careful what kinds of affirmaitons you say all day long as the subconsious will bring to you what you speak and think about. Saying “I do not have money” is a form of affirmation too…so remember to make those affirmations positive. “I am attracting money to me everyday”…”Every day in every I am getting better and better.”

To your wealthy life.


A Lesson in Diversity

It is interesting how much more exciting life can be when there are people of difference ages, races, cultures, etc included in our lives and work place. Check out the link below for an cute story of diversity and why it can be very good.

A Peacock in the land of Penguins 


What a Difference a Day Makes!

I always loved that song “What A Difference A Day Makes”  In a twenty four hour period there is a lot that goes on in the world.  Some people die while others are being born, one man looses everything while another person achieves great wealth, the sun is shining in Florida and it is raining in Virginia.  I could go on and on with these differences.

When we drill down a little more we get into time.  We then go from a day to hours, to minutes and to moments. Everyone knows that a lot can be accomplished in a day and in some cases a great deal can be accomplished in one hour.  Many things in life take mere minutes to accomplish, but the most power of all is in the moment.  We live moment to moment and it is within these moments that we realize our personal power,  our ability to make a change, to be quiet,  make a decision, forgive, heal, or just to be, etc.   In actuality the moment is all we have.   A bunch of little moments make minutes, hours, days or a life time.  When we can look at a moment in time in this way we can easily see the importance of being in the moment and living life to the fullest.

Some people have mastered the ability to be present in their lives.  They realize that there are things you can change and things that you cannot.  So concentrate on those things you can control in some way and let the others go.  A person who can experience what it is like to be in the moment can easily get a sense of something wrong in almost any area of his/her life.

I have a friend who would get a feeling or sense of something wrong anytime there was a problem with his business even though he may be half way around the world.  Instead of getting upset he would just be with what was happening and begin to instruct others on what needed to be done, all the while continuing to enjoy his vacation.

Being in the moment or being fully present seems to be a learned skill.  It is not easily done.  I was at a retreat once where for the whole afternoon we practiced being in the moment.  We were working on our abilities to sense energy .  My group was to walk to a meadow which was located at the top of a hill.  There was a small area there where dear slept at night and we were going to experience this particular energy and share our experience.  You had to follow a small path up the hill.  Mother nature had out done herself as the whole area was dotted with the most beautiful little flowers.  Everywhere you looked there was beauty.  Sounds easy enough, wouldn’t you agree.  Well there was one catch.  You could only take a step while you were present in the moment.  In other words when you took the step you could only be taking the step when your mind was aligned with your body.  No other thoughts, feelings, etc.  I guess it is very clear why it took us most of the afternoon to reach the top of the hill.  Not to mention the fact that the beauty of our surroundings was so distracting.

You are wondering where I am going with this…Well, here it is.  If you want to be a millionnaire a good place to start is to get in touch with who you are, why do you want it and how is it going to feel to be a millionnaire.  What will you do with the money and how will it affect others?  When you feel the time is right go for it.  Prepare and do the work.  Making money has a lot to do with feelings, energy and emotions.

I am still following Josh Williams on his journey to millionnaire status.  He has a couple of months left.  I have no doubt but that he will be sussessful.  Check out his site The Happy Secret.    What ever your money goals are this young man sets a great example for you to follow.  The Law of Attraction works!

I am thinking about taking this challenge next year myself.  Anyone interested in joining me?

What Are Your Money Messages?

What money messages are you sending to your subconscious mind?  Are you using positive self talk?  Positive self talk is when you have a dialogue with yourself that is motivating and energizing.  These conversations you have with yourself all day long will affect your flow of energy. When you catch yourself starting to say something negative, STOP!  Say these words, Cancel, Cancel and then replace that statement with a positive statement.  This really works! I have been practicing positive self talk for a very long time. Your thoughts of money can delay your prosperity.  Often as adults we are still playing the same old self defeating records that our parents played…such as money doesn’t grow on trees, or we just can’t afford that this year, or we are going to have to cut back.  Constantly thinking and talking negatively,  can cause you to develop a habit of negative self talk.  Negative self talk slows your energy and makes you feel tired and listless.   Practice positive self talk, it is energizing! Any thoughts that are not empowering you are holding you back and slowing your flow of wealth prosperity from the universe. Comments welcome?